How to Beat Latias in Pokemon Go – Best Counters for Latias

by Guided Gamer Team

The Legendary Pokemon Latias is back in Pokemon GO. In the wake of propelling quite a while in the past as an assault rival, the character has returned, and this opportunity he can come in his glossy variation (perceive how to get one here). Obviously, a great deal has changed since the last time you attempted to take on this specific mystic monster, so you may think about what kind of group you have to win. Here’s the manner by which to beat Latias with the best counters in Pokemon GO.

As I stated, Latias is a winged serpent and mystic sort character. This leaves her with a lot of vulnerabilities that you can misuse with different groups. To the extent counters go, here are the best ones for all events, with their optimal moveset too…

Rayquaza – Dragon Tail and Outrage

Palkia – Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor (discover how to beat Palkia here, on the off chance that you need one)

Dragonite – Dragon Tail or Dragon Breath and Outrage or Draco Meteor

Salamence – Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor

Mewtwo – Psycho Cut or Confusion and Shadow Ball

Latios – Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw

Mamoswine – Powder Snow and Avalanche

Because of the double composing of Latias she has various great counters out there, particularly with Gen 4 previously added to Pokemon GO. Monsters are powerless to different mythical beasts, with the goal that’s the reason you see such huge numbers of winged serpent type Pokemon as great counters. Obviously, they’ll additionally be helpless against Latias’ assaults, so be prepared to trade groups or restore them frequently. Ice and Dark are the other strong ones against Latias, which is the place Mewtwo and Mamoswine fit in. A dim sort moveset on Tyranitar is likewise not too bad after all other options have been exhausted.

As usual, watch the climate to make sense of if your characters of Latias will be helped. Blustery climate will give your own winged serpents just as Latias a lift, so be cautious. You’ll despite everything need to make certain to have a strong gathering all utilizing not too bad counters against Latias. She can be brought somewhere near three mentors, yet it’ll be extreme. Attempt to have at least five at any rate on the off chance that you would prefer not to battle excessively.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2022