How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

by Guided Gamer Team

One of the best animals in Minecraft is the horse.  There are multiple types of horses in the game and they’re the best for going on long journeys. In this guide, we’ll explain how to breed horses and get as many as you want.  Doing this is a multi-step process where you’ll need to find horses, tame them, and then breed them.

Biomes to Find Horses Fast

Step 1 – Find the Horses

Horses are generally found in the plains biome.

Keep mounting until you see the hearts

Step 2 – Tame the Horse

The process of taming a horse in Minecraft involves attempting to mount it over and over until it’s tamed.  Walk up to horse and attempt to mount it.  You will be bucked off the horse each time which will get you closer and closer to taming.  Finally, once you’ve tamed the horse you will see hearts above it’s head letting you know that the animal has been tamed.  Once the taming is complete you’re gonna need to do it again because you’ll need two horses to breed.

Make sure you have your Golden Apples and Golden Carrots

Now that you have two tamed horses you can begin breeding if you have either Golden Apples or Golden Carrots.  If you need help tracking down these items there are numerous ways to get Golden Carrots and Apples in Minecraft.  You can find them in chests at different locations, and you can also craft these items with Gold Ingots.  Taking either a regular carrot or apple and crafting it with nine Ingots you can make a gold carrot or a gold apple.

To breed the two horses you simply need to feed them golden apples or golden carrots.  After you’ve done this you see that the animals have mated and produced a smaller foal.

Tips for Breeding in Minecraft

To avoid some frustration you should build an area to keep your horses.  Perhaps a fenced in area where the animals can be controlled a little more easily.

- This article was updated on May 6th, 2022