How to Find Ancient Debris and Get Netherite in Minecraft

by Guided Gamer Team

Ancient Debris and Netherite are two new increments to Minecraft with the arrival of the most recent update and this new material permits you to make the most remarkable things and shields. Notwithstanding, this amazingly uncommon Ancient Debris and Netherite are fantastically elusive. With this guide we’ll give you what you have to think about discovering Ancient Debris and making Netherite.

Fabricate a Nether Portal (14 Obsidian) and afterward head inside the gateway where you’ll be going on a mining endeavor.

Stock up with things you’ll have to mine

Ancient Debris is incredibly, uncommon. In the event that your sole goal is to discover Ancient Debris and specialty Netherite things you could be digging for some time so bring the fundamental supplies. Contingent upon how you intend to handle your mining work you can either do a few charms to give yourself an increasingly strong or progressively proficient pickaxe. Or on the other hand conceivably you could likewise do some exhuming with TNT. Notwithstanding the strategy you pick you will head a similar spot.

Ancient Debris will produce in different groupings. You can discover in one square, two squares, or three square varieties and we’ve just discovered it on Y-Levels 13-17. So ensure you get down far enough, however not right to the base of the world in the event that you need your most obvious opportunity at discovering it.

While burrowing you’ll additionally need to ensure you watch out for the dangers of The Nether. This incorporates irate hordes, magma, and then some. When you’ve gotten your hands on the Ancient Debris, it’s an ideal opportunity to transform it into Netherite.

When you have the Ancient Debris it’s an ideal opportunity to smelt it into Netherite. You can do this with the Blast Furnace to make Netherite Scraps. When you have four Netherite Scraps you would then be able to join these pieces with four gold ingots on the creating square to make a Netherite Ingot.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2022