How to Get Eevee Fast in Pokemon Legends Arceus – Eevee PLA Location

by Guided Gamer Team

With the arrival of Pokemon Legends Arceus, this long-awaited new type of Pokemon game is finally here for trainers to explore.  As this is a new type of Pokemon game, there’s plenty new to learn in PLA that separates it from other games in the series.  In this guide we’ll explain how to get Eevee, one of the most popular Pokemon ever because of their different eevolutions.

Pokemon Legends Arceus How to Get Eevee

It’s not a huge surprise that Eevee is in Pokemon Legends Arceus.  As we said, this is one of the most iconic and powerful Pokemon in the series and Eevee has been a long-running staple in the Pokemon series of games.

When can you find Eevee

Eevee can be found early in Pokemon Legends Arceus and read on to find out where you can catch them.

PLA Eevee location

Eevee can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands (Horseshoe Plains) in Pokemon Legends Arceus.  Alternate Eevee locations include: Cobalt Coastlands (Crossing Slope), Alabaster Icelands (Avalugg’s Legacy, Avalanche Slopes).

Method to Catching Eevee

Sneak up on Eevee as not to scare and then use a Pokeball to capture.

And that’s everything you need to know about catching Eevee in PLA.  Once you’ve got the Pokemon in your roster you can then evolve eevee into numerous forms that have perks and benefits to use in the game.  Hitting the areas above and you should be able to get Eevee very early in Pokemon Legends Arceus.