How to Get the Trident at Coral Cove in Fortnite

by Guided Gamer Team

Another week of Fortnite challenges are upon us with Week 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.  This week has a new Aquaman challenge that tasks you with finding the trident hidden somewhere in Coral Cove.  Good news, there are actually multiple locations where you can claim the trident and complete the challenge.  Read on below to find the three locations where you can find the trident.

Simply use the map above to go directly to the trident locations on the map.  They are location in the bottom left corner of B2, the middle of A2, and the bottom right corner of A1.  When you get to this location simply look for the trident and interact with it to complete the challenge.  Completing the Aquaman challenges in Fortnite will net you a trident as a reward.

The Aquaman challenges have been rewarding players with different items for completing challenges during the current Season.  This includes rewards like the Aquaman skin, different variants of it, much like the Deadpool challenges from before.  Using the map above you should easily be able to complete this challenge quickly and easily.