Minecraft Best Items to Enchant, Best Enchantments

by Guided Gamer Team

There are many, many enchantments in Minecraft, enough to make a fully enchanted item pull up a massive wall of text whenever you look at it. So you might be thinking then, what are the best enchantments in the game? And what would I want to enchant with these specific enchantments? Well, that’s where we have you covered because we’ll be going over just that right here and now. As a note though, these items are not in any general order of how good they are, as they all have different uses that make ranking them quite difficult. So it’ll be more of a general list of things to look out for.

Pickaxes – Fortune

One of the most important things in Minecraft is having enough resources to do what you want to do. So with that in mind pickaxes enchanted with fortune are your absolute best friend. They make it so that you can get more out of pretty much everything that you mine up. Copper, iron, gold, redstone, lapis lazuli, and even diamonds are affected by this enchantment. Every single one of these ore blocks will drop more resources when you mine them up with this enchantment. Netherite ore is unfortunately unaffected due to the more unique way of obtaining it. You definitely shouldn’t be doing normal mining with your fortune pickaxe though, it’s better to save it for when you’re mining the ore blocks themselves.

Pickaxes – Silk Touch

Another pairing involving pickaxes, because say what you will about this game pickaxes are rather useful. Now what silk touch does is make gathering certain blocks quite a bit easier, while also just making it possible in general to obtain certain blocks. Silk touch lets you collect things such as living coral blocks, ore blocks, mushroom blocks, and much more. So this is an absolute must-have enchantment for builders thanks to all of the blocks it gives them access to. Now you might be wondering, why specifically enchant a pickaxe with this and not just tools in general? Well, there are a few reasons for that, the first of which being that pickaxes with silk touch can mine more blocks than any other tool enchanted with this effect. And secondly, it has a utility function for miners where you can keep ore blocks in your inventory as opposed to their drops, that way you save a bit of room.

Armor – Protection

When you’re exploring the world of Minecraft, you want to make sure you stay alive as long as you possibly can. Dying means that you’ll drop all of your items and EXP points, and that can range from mildly inconvenient to totally disastrous depending on how far away you were from your spawn point. So it’s better to stop that from happening in the first place by putting protection on all of your armor. And out of all the available different types of protection, the winner has to be the tried and true original protection enchantment. Why is this you may ask? Well, it’s because while all of the other protection enchantments give hyper-specific kinds of protection from damage, the pure version will generally protect you from all forms of damage at an equal amount. This is much more useful when exploring the unknown, as you never know what you’ll run into so it’s better to be prepared for everything.

Elytra – Unbreaking

When paired with firework rockets, Elytra are the best and fastest form of movement in the game without using complicated redstone machinery. So the last thing you’re going to want to happen to your Elytra is for it to break on you while you’re using it. And the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to slap an Unbreaking Enchantment onto them and increase their durability. This makes it so that you won’t need to repair them nearly as much as you would otherwise need to. So now you can fly to your heart’s content without having to worry so much about whether or not your wings will be breaking anytime soon.

Tridents – Loyalty

Tridents are a fun, yet very rare weapon to come across in the game. And their unique function of being able to be thrown at enemies is both useful and fun to do, except that under normal circumstances throwing your trident is a very bad idea because now you’ll need to run over and pick it up. This is risky, as it could end up somewhere you can’t get to, and now you’ve lost your really rare weapon. The loyalty enchantment fixes this pesky issue by making it so that your trident will return to your hand shortly after being thrown. This means that know you can actually make use of the trident’s best feature without risking losing the weapon itself.

Bows – Infinity

Bows are a fantastic ranged option for combat, as they allow you to hit your enemies from an incredible distance away. But something that bows need to work is arrows, otherwise, it’s about as useful as hitting other players with a piece of cobblestone. Making or finding arrows is easy enough, but it’s even easier to burn through those arrows as if they were nothing. But with a bow enchanted with infinity, there is no issue to be had, as running out of arrows will become a thing of the past. As long as you have one single arrow in your inventory the bow will never run dry and you can freely turn your enemies into pincushions.

Everything – Mending

Now while at the start I said that this would just be a general list of the best enchantments in the game because it would be hard to rank them, there is one exception to that statement. That exception is the mending enchantment, which is the best enchantment in the game by far. Every item in the game that has durability can benefit from this enchant immensely, by making it so that you will never have to replace them for as long as you have them with you. Repairing tools and armor can quickly become very expensive, meaning that eventually, you’ll need to bid your tools farewell and replace them. But with mending on them you can keep all of your favorite tools along with the enchantments on them for as long as you remember to be careful with them. Every piece of EXP that you gain while using something with mending on it will go towards automatically repairing that item. This makes mending a must-have for all players and makes life easier once everything you own has this enchantment on it.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2022