Minecraft – How to Tame Cats

by Guided Gamer Team

Breeding different animals in Minecraft allows you to build an army of feline followers  by taming cats and breeding them.  Taming cats in Minecraft is actually simple but you need to know what to give them.  If you want to breed cats you’re going to need fresh fish. Once you’ve got you simply feed it to them to tame cats.

How to Tame Cats with Fish

Once you have fresh fish you can tame cats in Minecraft.  You can get Raw Salmon or Raw Cod by going fishing with a fishing rod.  The fishing rod can be crafted at the crafting table by combining 2 string and 3 sticks.

Now that you have the fish that the cats like you can head back to an area where cats are, like a village for example.  Walk up to the cat and give them the fish.  You’ll know that you’ve done it correctly when the cat has hearts above it’s head after eating.

You can breed more cats if you can tame two or more of them

After you’ve tamed the cats you can also breed them.  If you take two cats and give them more fish they will spawn a kitten.  The animals will approach each other and then a kitten will appear.  The new cat will be the same color as the parents, but a little smaller.

That’s all there is to tame and breed cats in Minecraft.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2022